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Cutaway PBY Restoration


Required Parts and Assemblies (Can be Inoperable and in any condition)

Kollsman Magnetic Compass Mk. IX, 3-3/8" high X 3-1/4" wide. F.S.S.C. #R88-C-830.
Clock (Brand unknown) It is quite unique in that it has three stems in the lower rim. The bumps in the body of the clock that support them fit into three cutouts in the mounting hole in the panel. It is an eight day three function, 24 hour display clock. It can be in any condition.
Pelorus cockpit Mounting Brackets, left and right, one each in upper corner of windshield. F.S.S.C. #88-B-150. ( Comment: We need two of these brackets (left and right) in order to bolt on the Peloris mounting bases. We have not yet been able to identify or get a part number. They are trapezoid shaped plates pre-drilled with four holes for mounting the #6666 azimuth base. A thumb screw is used for securing the plates against the upper window drain and split clamp with a wing nut grip on the windscreen structure.
Astro-Compass stowage fitting, mounts near aft end of Navigator's table. Old Federal Stock Number system number is, F.S.S.C. #R-88-P-400.
4.) A
Very Pistol Mk. 1 Adapter Sleeve (Part #32F 3553) The adapter sleeve mounts in the skin of the hull.
5.) An
Auxiliary Power Unit, Eclipse B 4 hp. ENGINE with Eclipse NEM or NEP-2 generator and bilge pump (see No.9 below), or Lawrance Auxiliary Power Plant Model 30C2.
Lawson 2 hp. gasoline engine with attached Stewart-Warner Model 782-A Heater Supercharger for heater system.
7.) A two burner
Chromalox Electric Stove.
Claxson Horn (Trumpet shaped) Warning Horn.(May be KLAXON)
Romec Bilge Pump. Operates off the Eclipse Engine PTO

Long Range Air To Surface Vessel, Mk.II, (LRASV) Radar Components
(Airborne Radio Installation [ ARI ] ) :

LRASV II radar receiver ( Type 3039A ) for mounting on shelf between Navigator's Table and Bulkhead #2.
LRASV II radar transmitter ( Type T 3040 ) for mounting in special radio equipment rack
12.) Two
Radar Indicators (scopes)( Type 6A ) - Nav Table and Co-Pilot..
13.) Two
Broadside Receiving Array Impedance Matching Units.
14.) Four
Broadside Receiving Array antenna.
.) A Broadside Transmitting Array Matching Unit
A British R-30IFF Remote Control Unit which mounts under Master Electric Power Panel.
17.) A model
SIS 1050 Camera Control and Junction Box.

It will be deeply appreciated if we can be informed of any possible sources for any of the above equipment. I will follow up on every lead.
Jim Mooney

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